Video – Equity 2020. Aggressive, Inclusive, Responsive.

In order to serve all 51,000 members better, we’ve spent months holding conversations around the country, listening to members about what they want the union to look like now and in the future and what the union can do better.

Now it’s time we start turning that feedback into action. Our campaign – called Equity 2020 – will kick off today with the release of this video.

We know we can’t do everything overnight. We want to have realistic goals, which is why we have set a three-year timeline to create a more aggressive, inclusive and responsive union.

This is important. We want you to hear it first. Our members have their eyes wide open. They see that these are challenging times for all unions and for those who work in the theatre. They are proud to belong to Equity, but also have pointed out areas where we can improve. And that’s what we’re going to do.

Stay tuned for more.